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As a follow up of Italian Mondial-Framec Group, Ecocold founded in 2012, has determined quality criteria as its priority, simultaneously our brand is aware of the importance of the visuality and perceive quality. Ecocold products which all components manufactured conform to European Standards, offers the quality and visuality at presentation of your products as well as it offers high efficiency and low power consumption advantages in refrigeration industry. Ecocold products reduce operating expenses of its customers with low energy consumption and high quality with eco friendly products. Our aim is to offer efficient, elegant, excellent quality and ecofriendly products to our customers.

Ecocold is producing several type of commercial refrigerators for the biggest retailer and leading FMCG companies. Focused on plug-in refrigeration, Ecocold has a wide product portfolio for chest freezers and bottle coolers. Ecocold provides solid solutions in refrigeration & food storage in positive temperatures, negative temperatures or both in the same time.  Many different sizes and design of freezers, display cabinets and bottle coolers are available. We believe on the customization based on customers requirement, hence Ecocold product portfolio widen every day.  Targeting a sustainable growth and being able to provide full service with a qualitative relations with it's customer, Ecocold is not only a supplier but also a solution partner. Ecocold become strategic partner of it’s customer and create values. Even if our business is b2b, Ecocold is conscious of the fact that our products are the interface between our customer and the end-customer, so we act as b2c supplier. Being aware of the importance of perceived quality, on the top of it’s functional features our display refrigerators provides  a unique aspect in order to promote our customers products.

With 2 plant located at Manisa, Ecocold has reached a remarkable standardization on production lines. Controlled by inline measurement systems and Poka-Yoke application, Ecocold zero defect quality target has been reached for a complete customer satisfaction. Our product are “green” thanks to “best in class” energy consumption, however we believe that the process should also be green, therefore we use water based polyurethane and one of our major KPI is minimization of the waste. Ecocold producte have CE certification, our plant is certified by ISO 14001, OHASA18001 , ISO 9001 and our laboratory is ISO27001 certified.

In the middle of disruptive technologies, where the digitalization  is changing business models Ecocold is working to bring cutting edge technologies to the market. In accordance with this purpose we collaborate with our customers and generate projects with universities.  

With it's customer oriented structure, experienced engineering team and flexible production lines, Ecocold vision is to build a world wide well known brand and the company's is to penetrate and dominate international markets via outstanding design capability and cooling performance.